COVID-19 protocol

COVID-19 protocol

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COVID-19 Protocol

1. Arrival: There will be hydroalcoholic gel at different points to disinfect the hands or gloves you are using, we recommend using it before going to the reception. It would be recommended that you arrive with your own mask and gloves.

2. Check-in: We have enabled an express check-in system, a few days before your arrival. They will receive a form in their mail, once completed they will not have to wait at reception for them to make the entry form. If this is not the case and you are two or more people, only one will come to make the registration, will carry the ID or passports of all and will leave them at the reception. The receptionist will give you the keys so that you do not need to spend time in the common areas and wait in your rooms. If the reservation has to be paid by the client, we advise you to do so at this time. Once the registration is made, we will take your documentation to your room.

3. During the stay: If, before arriving at our establishment, you send us your needs regarding where to eat, where to have breakfast or what is possible to do, that is, any information you need about the city, we will try to give you the information by mail, in this way you will not need to use the reception and we will make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. They can also do it during the stay.

3.1 Cleaning of rooms: We use specific cleaners for cleaning and disinfecting rooms.

4. Check-out: Regarding the delivery of keys, you can do it to the receptionist or leave them in a box at the reception desk, and notify us that you have already left the establishment by email or phone call.

Security Protocol COVID-19 that will maintain the accommodation:

1. Protective screens at the reception.

2. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers for the use of our clients, at different points of passage.

3. New cleaning products, specific to eliminate covid-19.

4. All our personnel will be equipped with the PPE necessary to carry out their functions, for their safety and that of our clients.